8 Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season

The Holidays can be a wonderful time of year for us and our families. While it should be a time of joy celebrating and spending time with family, some of us overextend ourselves which leaves us with little or no energy to truly enjoy the season. The tips below will help you to de-stress and enjoy the holidays in a more relaxed, refreshed and peaceful state of mind. Cheers! Go Outside: If you are indoors most days, make a point to get outside for some fresh air and sunlight. Being outside and in nature have automatic calming effects. Stepping outside for a few minutes a day can be very uplifting. Take a Walk: Walk around the block, around your office building or to pick-up lunch. Walking reenergizes us and gets the blood pumping.  It gives you a few minutes of quiet time to take in the scenery and get an energetic boost. Do Less – Enjoy More: You don’t have to say “yes” to every party invite or happy hour. Keep your routine as close to normal as possible and… read more →