Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Today is the day to show special appreciation to the Admin Professionals in your office!

Did you know if every Admin received a single flower today, nearly 23 million flowers would be sitting on a desk in the U.S. alone.

Admin Professionals are the central hubs of any office and help businesses thrive. Very few tasks do not cross an Admin’s desk. So today, brighten up their desk with a flower instead!

Unsure who to include on this special day?

Popular job titles include Administrative Assistant, Office Coordinator, Executive Assistant and Office Manager, yet many around the world still hold the title of Secretary. “Administrative Professionals are the people responsible for the administrative tasks and coordination of information that support an office-related environment” according to the IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals).

More reasons to appreciate these valuable employees:

  • 60% plan to remain in their careers and advance in their company.
  • Administrative professionals identified “effective communicator” as the most important quality of a manager, supervisor or boss.
  • The percentage of administrative professionals who support three or more executives or managers fell below 50 percent for the first time since 2005.
  • Pay raises for administrative professionals have outpaced the rate of inflation by 13 percent over the previous two decades.
  • 67% make and/or recommend purchasing decision for their employers.
  • Administrative Professionals are responsible for an average of $20,000 worth of corporate spending decisions.
  • Two-thirds of all administrative professionals receive 10 hours or less of training per year from their employers.
  • Three out of the top five training needs for administrative professionals involve technology and/or management skills.
  • Top 5 tasks that have become more important over the previous two years for administrative professionals: office management, travel planning, meeting planning, project management, online purchasing

Data from IAAP’s 2013 Benchmarking Survey