Showing Appreciation on Boss’ Day

We often talk about the importance of employee recognition. Most agree that acknowledgement for a job well done is an effective employee motivator and team builder. The same is true for your leadership team.  As the workdays fly by with everyone’s nose to the grindstone, it is easy to forget to let the people in charge know how much you appreciate the job they do.

Some employees might feel a bit awkward telling their boss “Job Well Done” or “Thanks for your support on my project”. Some may even call it brown-nosing. On the contrary, a sincere compliment or token of appreciation builds a stronger working relationship.

Luckily, today is National Boss’ Day. Today is the ideal time to tell your Boss “Thanks” or offer a few kind words. You don’t need to give a gift to show your appreciation. In fact, a gift may seem like a bribe in some office cultures. A simple, “Happy Boss’s Day!” can be more meaningful and appropriate than any monetary gift. For some simply doing your job — and doing it well — is one of the best ways to honor your boss.

We chose to bake a few treats and say thanks. It was a great way to end the week with smiles.

Boss_Day Group