3 Things Successful Job Seekers Do to Get Hired

Undoubtedly, many factors go into a hiring decision. Yet, what we have found is there are three main things that successful job seekers do that the others don’t.

1 -They Focus

Successful job seekers only apply for jobs that are promising. They focus on the jobs that closely fit their skills and career aspirations. They don’t waste time applying for jobs that are not.

2 – They Customize their Resume

Candidates who modify their resume to the position they are applying for are more likely to get an interview. If you can illustrate on paper how your work history is a match to the job position it is infinitely easier for the hiring manager to see how you will be a valuable resource.

3 – They Research

Candidates who research the company before an interview are far better prepared. The more you know about the company the easier it is to identify with the company’s culture, values and core purpose. Your understanding of the company will enable you to express how your experience is match.

As recruiters, we talk to job seekers everyday creating doors for opportunity to knock.  We coach candidates for interviews and advise on how to make an impression. And the best things are often the simplest. Doing these 3 things makes all the difference.