Simple ways to Recognize Employees and Show Appreciation

The first Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day. This day was established as a reminder to Management about the importance of recognizing your employee’s efforts. Countless studies have proven that recognition is the single most effective catalyst for boosting morale and increasing work performance.

Employee Appreciation Day is set near the end of the first quarter so it is a good time to pause, review progress and energize for the next quarter. And it is a great time to show appreciation to your employees for their contributions, thus far.

If you didn’t plan anything special for today, not to worry, Employee Appreciation Day wasn’t meant to be the only day to give recognition. The important thing is to give praise and let your employees know that they are on track. Ongoing praise and feedback is what matters most.

There are plenty of simple gestures you can do that don’t require a grand scheme or complicated program:

  • Deliver handwritten thank you notes
  • Have an ice cream social
  • Sponsor a lunch for the team
  • Schedule a game day or movie day
  • Celebrate work Anniversaries
  • Schedule Summer Team Building events. For example: Office Olympics or a Company picnic

Employee recognition is a powerful energizer and motivator but if recognition is not given universally, it can have the opposite effect. Be sure to plan events where all employees are welcome. Select rewards that are suitable for everyone regardless of gender or age, etc. Rewards and recognition that help both the employer and the employee get what they need from work are a win-win.