Google it Like a Pro [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google it! A phrase often heard when you want to know more about something. I don’t know about you, but I consider Google to be the best research tool around. I use it all day, every day. If I am unsure of how to solve a problem, I just Google it. If I want to know more about a company or person, I just Google it. And I am not alone, millions around the world just Google it, too.

Every year-end Google publishes their Year in Search. It is an insightful summary list of search trends and growing interests throughout the year. I found the 2014 intro video inspiring. “We search for hope more than fear”. It’s nice to be reminded there is good in the world. Trillions of searches were done in 2014 and Google urges us to “search on.”

So how do you Google it? Most of us search with a few keys words or a phrase, but did you know there are hidden advanced methods for a fine tuned search? You can even do some fun little-known tricks. The infographic below reveals it all. Enjoy and search on!