How to Produce Revenue Without Selling

By Kathy Dawson

In my 30 years in the search staffing business, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many types of firms.  I’ve seen the most dynamic sales processes in the country with very large budgets to match. Then why do so many firms struggle with their sales? Because they are selling! Who wants to be sold? No one!

So how do you fix your sales pipeline problem?  The most successful company leaders have a magical pipeline of business that never runs out. They have figured out a systematic approach to generating sales without selling.  Gone are the uncomfortable cold calls where you get hung up on or screened out by the receptionist.  Do I have you intrigued?  Here are some secrets to your NOT SELLING success!

1.  DO NOT SELL…rather, educate.

2.  Identify your top targets by location, number of employees, their use for your type of services, etc.

3.  Do your homework as to where you will find your prospects.  Networking groups, LinkedIn, etc.

4.  Prepare a contact list including names, titles, email addresses, and money spent for the kind of services you offer.

5.  Create an email that briefly explains your product or service in a non-sales way and send it.

6.  Follow up to let prospects knows that you will be stopping in personally with a gift. (A surprise!)

7.  Drop by with a small token, a theme-based item they will be able to use or put on their desks.

8.  Wait for them to ASK you about the product or services you provide.

9.  When speaking to prospects, find out how you can help build their businesses. Once you focus on the client, they naturally will want to help you in return.

These are steps that set you apart from your competition. When you care, and show it in everything you do, you will ultimately become an integral part of your clients’ resource team.

Happy relationship building!  You never know where your next client is going to come from, so be ready wherever you go. Good luck! May your business grow and prosper!