Become a Master Networker [Infographic]

In business, it’s long been said, “It’s all about who you know.”  In today’s world that means Networking. Networking at an event is a fantastic way to discover new clients, build business partnership, find new hires and gives you an advantage on the job hunt. Attending events such as community mixers, business luncheons and trade shows are great ways to meet people and create connections.

But how do you make real connections, not just collect business cards that end up forgotten? Be selective about the events you attend. Try to find ways to connect in greater depth with people so that they will remember you.

“Building meaningful connections with smart, talented people across industries and job functions can lead to valuable client relationships, future job offers, and greater influence.”
—Business Insider, Samantha Lee & Richard Feloni


Business Insider gathered proven tactics from master networkers then designed the graphic below to illustrate how you can create meaningful connections.