How We Lighten Up the Office with Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle. There are gifts to be wrapped, decorations to hang, and work to be done! Although many of us can’t leave work to celebrate the holidays, just yet, there are still many ways to bring fun & festivity into the office.

We’d like to share how the Dawson Team celebrates the season and a few creative ideas to add holiday spirit to the workplace.


Everyone wants a piece of me!

Everyone wants a piece of me! Kathy Dawson rallies the elves for the holidays.

Start a tradition for the workplace. Here at Dawson & Dawson we have an Ugly Sweater day (just for fun), a Secret Santa gift exchange, and for a special treat Kathy & Larry host a lovely luncheon. Ask for some input from your co-workers they might come up with some other great traditions like: cookie decorating for a children’s home, stocking stuffing for homeless shelters, or have “Santa” visit the office. The holidays are a great opportunity for employees to bond and/or help the community.

Deck the Halls

This can easily become a team effort or even a competition! Set aside some time to bring a festive flare to the workplace. Slip back in time to your elementary school years and create paper chains or cut paper snowflakes to deck the halls. For some fun team building, have a tree decorating luncheon or  a gingerbread house competition. You might be surprised at what you learn about your office mates.

Bring Joy to the World

2015_Toy drive There are plenty of people who lay down their lives for us day in and day out to help others in need and make a huge impact on the community. Take a team trip to volunteer at a local food shelter or write cards for local emergency personnel, police, and/or firemen and personally drop them off.  You might be surprised to discover how rewarding it is to bring a bit warmth and joy to your community.

Toys for all the girls and boys

Many families are still struggling with poverty and cannot provide their children gifts for the holidays. This year Dawson & Dawson chose to help by participating in The Men with Vision Foundation’s Toy drive. Many charities conduct toy drives for local families in need. Your office team can participate in the toy drive or volunteer to wrap the gifts.   Toy drives give more than you can imagine.


Here at Dawson & Dawson we wish you a very merry holiday season filled with warmth and good cheer.