On Deck with Dawson & Dawson: Michelle Beauchamp, Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach & Trainer

Dawson & Dawson’s ‘On Deck’ series continues with today’s special guest, Michelle Beauchamp (she/her), Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach & Trainer, CEO and owner of The Champ Group. Michelle spoke with our CEO, Kathy Dawson, CSP, about her ongoing entrepreneurial experiences that have enabled her to help people grow. An Executive Director, she has invested in her own professional development and has a plethora of resources from John Maxwell, the guru leader throughout the world in her toolbox. Michelle is equipped to train, speak and coach and focuses on Leadership, DEI and Business Development.  The Champ Group’s mission is to maximize human capital to foster growth and thrive together and to help others unleash their inner champ.

Creating Significance.

Be a Champ! Listen in and enjoy!

Phone:  (949)713-3622
Email: Michelle@thechampgroup.com
Website: www.beasaleschamp.net

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