Building the Brand – You!

Who is your go to shoe store? What beverage makes your mouth water just thinking about it? Whose help do you seek when you want a something done right?

All of these questions involve your perceptions of a particular brand; a collection of assumptions about quality, appeal and reliability that you’ve made in response to repeated experiences with a variety of possible products, people or services. The word ‘brand’ has become a hot topic in career conversations these days. Why? Like to it or not, right now someone is thinking about your very own ‘brand’ of whoever you are or whatever you do and how you do it. They are making decisions on whether or not you are on their list of favorites. Will you be?

Believe it or not you already have a personal brand. Ask yourself, “What do people consistently come to me for?” Ask your friends what can they always count on you to do for them? If you don’t like the answers then it’s time to change and build your brand.

Take control of your personal brand

Are you Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Identify your primary “product” (service, resource, special ability, etc.). To really shine, you need be clear on who you are and what you want. You must constantly build your skills and knowledge in your field of interest. The key is to become known for them in a way that distinguishes you from everyone else.

That’s the one who’s…

Always early and well prepared or always late? A huge factor in becoming well respected is your behavior. What you are known for is as much about how you do it, as it is about what you actually do. So think about things like being reliable, respectful, always eager to help, etc. Your behavior matters, big time, so concentrate on mastering the traits you want to be known for.

Let’s Google It!

If you haven’t Google’d yourself recently, then you better get to it! Your online presence is just as important, if not more so, than how you show up in person. Your social media posts can make or break you in terms of how people perceive you and your reputation. Observe your social media presence, your personal website or blog, how and where you comment online. Look at what you are saying and how people are responding. Be sure it all coincides with your personal brand.

The Tagline Tells Your Story

Your tagline isn’t about impressing people and getting them to hire you, promote you or do business with you. It’s really about getting a conversation started. The easiest way to create a personal tagline is by simply saying what you do and the purpose behind it. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it.” Maybe you have the same job title as a million other people. So what is special about how you work that makes you more effective? Think about the problems you solve. This is your “why” statement, your mission, your superpower.

Whether you’re a student, on the hunt for a new job, or successfully employed, you must think, act, and plan like a business leader. Employers will Google you before you are even considered for an interview. Every interaction, online and offline builds an image of who you are over time. Your brand is a sum of your values, your attitude and your actions. So, who are you? Are you always looking up, looking forward or looking ahead? Ask yourself what do you want to be known for, then go do it!