Does Your Career Match Your Personality?

I admit it, I have always been fascinated with personality tests. Just for fun, I’ll take those quirky quizzes that my friends and family share on facebook. On occasion, I’ll take a clinically renowned test just to see how science categorizes the complicated being that I am. I discover that my color is yellow; I am most like a wolf and the behaviors I am most likely to exhibit under certain situations.

Now, I realize there is a lot of controversy about personality tests. Some feel they are akin to astrology therefore complete hogwash. Others feel strongly that tests like the Myers-Briggs or FIRO-B can help identify your core behavioral strengths and weaknesses. Believe it or not, research has shown there is a correlation between personality traits and career success.

Personally, I rarely pass up a chance to learn a little more about myself. The occasional introspection often helps me understand why I behave the way I do. And, if I want to make a change the results can provide a direction for me to consider.

Employers, Colleges and Staffing Firms often use personality tests for career aptitude assessments. The results help discover your conflict-resolution style, your communication style, your interests and preferences. Some jobs are better performed by extroverts than introverts. The Career Assessment Site created an infographic to illustrate some of the more common matches.