Why You Need to Smile BIG and Often

There is an extra special reason to smile this month. June 15th is National Smile Power Day. You might be thinking “Why is an entire day is set aside to recognize the power that comes from our most basic and natural facial expression?” Everyone knows the proper etiquette when greeting someone is to smile. But, did you know that smiling big and often has health benefits to you and everyone around you?

Have a look at more good reasons to smile.

Smile BIG to live a full and long life.

By measuring smiles in yearbook photos, research showed that the size of the smile predicted how fulfilling their marriages would be and how inspiring they would be to others. People with the widest smiles consistently ranked the highest. In a similar study by Wayne State University of a 1952 baseball player’s roster, the smile indicated longevity of life. Those with big grins lived at least 6 years longer. BIG Smiles, Everyone!

Smile often to relieve stress.

Research also shows that smiling reduces stress hormone levels (like cortisol, adrenaline, and dopamine). Smiling a lot will help combat certain health complications associated with stress such as high blood pressure.

Smile to feel good.

Smiling increases mood enhancing hormone levels like endorphins. The act of smiling actually makes you feel good. Try it out! Smile for a few minutes today and watch the effect it has on your mood.

Smile to look appealing.

When you smile you appear more likable and approachable. Not only that, a Penn State University study of ‘service with smiles’ showed that an authentic smile increased customer’s satisfaction and perception of competency.

Smile to uplift others.

Smiling is contagious. Did you know that it is difficult to frown when looking at someone who is smiling? Studies show that other people’s smiles actually suppress our control over other facial muscles compelling us to respond with a smile.

Smile to develop relationships.

A smile is one of the most basic and universal forms of communication. A genuine smile indicates that you are pleased or happy in all cultures. Smiling is crucial for first impressions and developing relationships. Ever notice that your best relationships are with people that make you laugh or smile often? You tend feel more connected and fond about the people that make you smile.

So bare those pearly whites as often as you can! Smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at your loved ones, and smile at strangers. In the wise words of Janet Lane “Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.”

Embrace the power of a smile. It is one big circle of happiness. Smile to feel happy and when you feel happy you smile! You may just decide to celebrate National Smile Power Day every day 🙂