Stay focused to not give up on your goals

At the beginning of this month we posted 5 Rules to Goal Setting Success , and since then we have posted how to achieve and manage those goals. How is everybody doing with their goals? Have any of our tips helped you stay on track? We sure hope so! Setting your goals and making a plan to execute them really helps to keep you motivated to achieve them, but how can you motivate yourself every day to stay pumped up for those goals? It’s simple really, the trick is to NEVER GIVE UP. Easier said than done though, right?

Here are 5 ways to help you to not give up on your goals:

  1. There is no perfect time. If you are thinking about giving up on a goal until the conditions in your life are just right, odds are you’ll be waiting a long time. Looking for the perfect time is just an excuse to procrastinate. Instead of giving up, continue from where you are with what you’ve got. In four months, you can either have gotten closer to your goals or be exactly in the same place that you are today. Never give up just because you think the time isn’t right.
  2. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Have you ever noticed a new building or house at the start of construction and then were amazed to see is completed the next time you saw it? What you didn’t see was all the work that was done each day over six months to finish it. It’s the same with progress toward our goals. It’s hard to see any significant progress if you look for it on a daily basis. Instead, look at your progress over weeks or months to see just how far you’ve come.
  3. Don’t let setbacks and challenges derail you.  Expecting a perfectly smooth ride towards your goal is not reasonable.  Why drive yourself crazy expecting perfection? Obstacles are the test that will make you feel commendable and satisfied once you reach your goal.  The true value and reward in accomplishing a goal is in the challenges you overcome during the journey.  Setbacks and difficulties are your opportunities to become a person who is truly worthy of the success that you seek.  Character building is a key component to the “never give up” mindset.
  4. Stay Focused on What You Want. Do not allow thoughts of failure or uncertainty to enter your mind, instead stay focused on the vision of what you want to accomplish.  Spend some time imagining in detail what it will be like to achieve your desired outcome. Once you have a detailed, life-like movie of that outcome playing in your mind along with the wonderful feeling that it produces, that’s where you want to stay emotionally.  You want to create that emotional reality in the present. When you have the emotional charge of what you intend to manifest in the present, you’ll have the motivation to do the things necessary to accomplish your goal.
  5. Create an Inspiration Board. An inspiration board should contain anything and everything that inspires you towards the accomplishment of your goals. This would include things that give you clarity and inspiration like numeric objectives, action steps, completion dates, mission statements, values, pictures, inspirational messages, and quotes. An inspiration board can be made on many different things including a bulletin board, poster board, plywood, or picture frame backing. You can also create them for different purposes. For example, you might create one for you goals and one for inspiration.