Fireside Chat 1031: Sean Woods, Managing Partner at Omega Accounting Solutions

Sean has it all figured out at Omega Accounting Solutions! Sean Woods joined Kathy Dawson, CSP, CEO of Dawson & Dawson, Inc., for a Fireside Chat to share what makes his firm so unique from others in the industry. Omega Accounting Solutions, Inc., is a full service accounting firm with a focus on empowering business owners to make informed decisions through insightful accounting and analytics. Omega approaches each client with a stakeholder mentality and along with their business intelligence division they create custom reporting solutions for their clients. They turn Data into Action, helping owners bridge the gap between data and decision making. Looking for a full service accounting firm to find the solutions to your problems? Contact Sean today! Website: Email: Phone: (949) 677-0749 If you are looking to hire employees for your business, contact us for a FREE consultation. We are here for you! The “Dawson Difference”…Making the world a better place one job at a time. 877-807-WORK (9675) – #accountingsolutions #businessintelligence #customerreporting #fullserviceaccounting