Fireside Chat 1028: Jeff Johnson, Managing Director of Welsh Advisors

Welsh Advisors is the way to go if you are looking to save lots of dough! Kathy Dawson, CSP, CEO of Dawson & Dawson, Inc. Dawson Inc. spoke with Jeff Johnson, Managing Director of Welsh Advisors, about how he works with CPA’s and their clients to help reduce their tax liability. Mainly leveraging the R&D tax credit, his company Welsh Advisors also works with companies on Work Opportunity Tax Credits, California Training Grants, and the California Competes Tax Credit amongst others. Jeff’s business partner, Steve Ho, has 21 years of experience in special tax credits and incentives. If you’re looking to save some money, contact Jeff Johnson at Welsh Advisors! Website: Email: Phone: (714) 272-4667 If you are looking to hire employees for your business, contact us for a FREE consultation. We are here for you! The “Dawson Difference”…Making the world a better place one job at a time. 877-807-WORK (9675) – #RDTaxCredit #TaxLiability #ResearchandDevelopment #SaveMoney