Fireside Chat 1035: Tom Maruscsak, Reverse Mortgage Specialist at Arbor Financial Group

In this fireside chat, Kathy Dawson, CSP Dawson, CEO of Dawson & Dawson, Inc. invited Tom Maruscsak, Reverse Mortgage Specialist at Arbor Financial Group, to shed some light on the benefits and misconceptions of reverse mortgages. Tom’s passion for reverse mortgages started 5 years ago when his mother passed away. His father lost her pension and social security and was concerned about being able to stay in his home. After securing a reverse mortgage, not only was he able to stay in his home but he also was able to make needed repairs, be with his friends, and eliminate his financial concerns. Tom is not a salesperson but acts as an educator and consultant to help determine if a reverse mortgage is in his client’s best interest. Tom is also the President of Estate Planning Council of South Orange County and a member of Senior Specialists Group, a nonprofit organization committed to educating seniors throughout Orange County. He is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, Real Estate Agent and Certified Housing Wealth Advisor. If you have a senior in your life that needs assistance, Tom… read more →