Fireside Chat 1023: Aashi Arora, Principal & Executive Coach of iRise Executive Coaching

Recently, Kathy Dawson, CSP Dawson, Founder & CEO of Dawson & Dawson, Inc., had the pleasure of chatting with Aashi Arora of iRISE Executive Coaching. Aashi is a Certified Strengths Coach where she focuses on coaching clients to empower their strengths, rather than working on weaknesses, in order to “RISE” in leadership. Through her individual and team programs, she works with healthcare professionals on increasing Resilience, creating Impact, achieving Success, and delivering Excellence. She has a passion for working with high IQ individuals and helping them discover their “EQ” – the measurement of emotional intelligence – and how it can be developed to positively influence others and create meaningful relationships. We can all use some positive influence and leadership, especially today! Learn more here: Website: Linked In: If you are looking to hire employees for your business, contact us for a FREE consultation. We are here for you! The “Dawson Difference”…Making the world a better place one job at a time. 877-807-WORK (9675) – #emotionalintelligence #healthcare #leadership #hiring