Fireside Chat 1013: Hema Dey, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer & SEO2Sales Director

And just like that … business processes are turning from e-Nothing” to “e-Everything” post COVID-19. You can see why strategic SEO, sales strategy and meaningful messaging that defines your brand is so important in making sure your company has a strong online presence. Zoom technology made it possible for Kathy Dawson, CSP, CEO of Dawson & Dawson, to speak with Hema Dey who is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer at Iffel International about her mission to acquire new business for her clients through SEO2Sales. Alongside her sales focused team, Hema is aiding companies in every department of their business to ensure growth. She is dedicated to creating a specific SEO2Sales plan for each company. In need of a new SEO strategy? Contact Hema Dey to get a complimentary audit for a new strategic plan. Phone: 424 750 2806 | Toll Free: 855 433 3522 Email: | Website: