Fireside Chat 1015: Michael Ashley, Owner/Creative Content Specialist, Ink Wordsmiths

Using his talent to make the world a better place, Michael Ashley, Owner and Creative Content Specialist of INK Wordsmiths, spoke with Kathy Dawson, CSP, CEO of Dawson & Dawson, Inc., about the importance of telling a compelling story. Michael is passionate about helping his clients elevate their profiles to become storytellers in order to create effective ways to communicate with their audience. In order to navigate through these times, Michael has taken it upon himself to be brave and be of service to others. Watch Kathy’s video discussion with Michael to hear more about how he helps his clients understand their messaging and reach new heights by storytelling. If you are in need of a brilliant wordsmith, contact Michael Ashley! Email: | Phone: 949-324-5340 | Website: Want to see more of his work? Read his recent piece for Forbes about the “New Normal” with the pandemic and how it relates to artificial intelligence.