Job Interview Processes are Getting Longer

When it comes to a new position job seekers and employers alike are eager make things happen and get started. Both often ask us how long the hiring process takes.

According to Glassdoor’s recent research, the hiring process is taking longer than one might expect. Today’s American job seekers and employers can expect 22 days as the average time it takes to hire. The good news is that from a global perspective the U.S. time to hire is comparatively the quickest.

The bad news is that job interview processes have increased roughly 3 days since 2009. Why is hiring taking longer? Many employers have instituted multi layered interviewing sessions. Employers have also adopted more screening methods to include background checks, skills tests and drug tests. Each additional screening increases the process by days.

Extra Days Added by Various Job Interview Screening Methods

Interview Method Average Days Added to Hiring Process
Phone Interview +6.8 to +8.2 days
One-on-One Interview +4.1 to +5.3 days
Group Panel Interview +5.6 to +6.8 days
Presentation +2.7 to +4.2 days
IQ Intelligence Test +2.6 to +4.4 days
Job Skills Test +0.6 to +1.5 days
Personality Test +0.9 to +1.3 days
Drug Test +0.3 to +0.8 days
Background Check +3.1 to +3.4 days
Source: Glassdoor Economic Research, “Why Is Hiring Taking Longer? New Insights from Glassdoor Data,” by Dr. Andrew Chamberlain.

Why are employers increasing their screening methods? There is some speculation that positions are becoming more complicated and that it’s becoming more difficult to ascertain creative or technical skills. I suspect the desire to make a good hiring decision is the driving cause. Because a bad hire is costly! According to Dr. Pierre Mornell, if you make a mistake in hiring, and recognize and rectify that mistake within six months, the cost of replacing that employee is two and one-half times the person’s annual salary. To it put another way, the wrong hire earning $50,000/year will cost an employer $125,000 to replace. Ouch! It makes sense for employers to spend the time interviewing for the right hire than to lose the time and money on the wrong hire.