5 Traits of Truly Likeable People

We all know someone who can bring a smile to our face by simply thinking about them. If you are fortunate enough, you know a few people like this. You know who I mean; the person who can walk into the room and somehow the entire room feels more uplifted. The enthusiastic person with the honest-to-goodness smile on their face that can’t help but put one on yours!

We all want to be well-liked; it’s human nature. So what exactly is it that makes some people more likable than others? What do those people who leave you grinning do that is so different? Take a look at these 5 traits likable people share.

They’re certainly NOT uncertain

Likable people don’t come from a place of insecurity. They dive into every interaction head first. By choosing to be positive, they are setting themselves up for success. They are confident, but not arrogant. They exude this positive vibe that draws others to them. Remember: the glass is half FULL!

They Keep their Mind Open and their Mouth Closed

Well-liked people know that people enjoy talking about themselves, and they ask questions to prompt them to do just that, thus building stronger relationships and their own likability. They are outgoing and don’t close themselves off from certain ideas. These people associate with anyone and everyone, not just like-minded peers.

They Enjoy a Good Laugh – Sometimes at Their own Expense

Likable people don’t take themselves too seriously. At appropriate times, they joke, laugh, and are just simply fun to be around. Amy Poehler said it perfectly: “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”

They’re Genuinely Genuine

Likable people don’t try to be something they’re not. They know how to admit they’re faults and learn from them. They are also truly interested in what you have to say. They don’t ask you a question and then start playing with their phone while listening to your answer! They have mastered active listening by responding to what you have to say with timely verbal and nonverbal prompts, conversation reinforcements, and questions.

They are Productively Positive

Well-liked people are positive people, and they work at it. They manage their time well, so as not to cause stressful situations that could have been avoided. They also surround themselves with positive people to keep the negative energy out of their lives.

It’s impossible to get everyone to like you. Obviously, differing personalities will inevitably result in some clash at some point of your life, but you will earn the admiration of those who are compatible with you and those who matter. So smile big, stay positive, and find the silver lining in every situation!

How many of these traits can you identify with? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!