Do you Recognize these Traits of Remarkable Employees?

It could be the barista at your local coffee shop who has a permanent smile and remembers your drink order. Or maybe it’s the employee at the dry cleaner who goes above and beyond to ensure quality service, and often throws in a nice discount just for you. Or perhaps it’s one of your co-workers who is consistently anticipating the needs of managers and clients.

A remarkable employee is easy to notice; hard to miss even. An employee who stands out in a company is an employee who stays standing through layoffs, downturns, and corporate restructurings. Every once in a while special employees come along that just really seem to get it. They drive the entire company forward in ways that were inconceivable. Here are 4 things remarkable employees seem to do effortlessly.

They Walk the Talk

Remarkable employees not only know the values and vision of their company, but their values are aligned. They are representatives of the company’s brand, and realize that they play an important role in substantiating it. They are true believers in what the company does. They are enthusiastic about their action plan and always follow through with it.

They Believe Actions Speak Louder than Words

A standout employee knows that talk is cheap. They can think on their feet, and adapt quickly to ever-changing priorities. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get things done, regardless of role or position. The most sought after employees shout their value not through their words, but rather through their work.

They Dot their I’s and Cross their T’s

Remarkable employees strive to be the best they can in everything they do. They understand that attention to detail is crucial to avoid mistakes being made. They take pride in their work, and spend time doing what other’s take for granted.

They Sing the Praises of their Peers

A remarkable employee recognizes the contributions of their colleagues, especially in group settings where the impact of their words is even greater.

These are just a few attributes of a remarkable employee. The list could go on. Do you have an employee with any of these qualities? I bet you have more than just one! These employees have a bright future, and should not be overlooked. While telling your employees you appreciate them should be obvious, no one does it enough or seems to be specific enough about what the employee did. When sharing your appreciation, be specific about what you really liked. This will not only make them feel appreciated, but will ensure they do what it is you liked again. Employee retention, especially of your best, most desirable employees, is a key challenge in organizations today. If you want to hold on to your rock star employees, a little recognition goes a long way!