Winning not Whining

There’s a stereotype that men are competitive and women are collaborative. That may be true in some areas of life, but when there’s a chance to win a great prize, women are right there at the front of the line. The trick is in keeping it fun, and remembering to be grateful. You don’t want to be one of those whiners who sulks when someone else’s name is called. I bet you know some people like that.

Recently I had an open house at my office to recognize clients who have helped my company grow. Raffling off prizes is an important part of this event. We have two grand prizes that are given out at the very end and some guests will stay longer just for that reason.

We all love the excitement of winning. We want to be the ones who get to shout BINGO! I attend many networking events and I can say without a doubt that those where things are given away draw a larger crowd. Winning makes us feel special. We are congratulated by our families and co-workers. We keep the memory of what it feels like to win, and when the next chance comes along we are filled with hope. Perhaps this is the time! But we need to keep things in perspective with a healthy sense of reality.

Here are some tips on winning, and not whining.

  1. No one likes a winner who flaunts it. Be humble so you will be welcome at the next event.
  2. Buying raffle tickets is just for fun. If you are at a charity event, remember that you’re making a donation.
  3. Although winning feels great, remember that winning isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else win.
  4. Be gracious when you are playing. Don’t knock others out of the way to get closer to the prize.
  5. If it’s possible, share your winnings. When you are a winner, spread the positive winning energy around.

We are all winners in one area or another. Winning is different for each of us and is usually not related to money. If you enjoyed the excitement of the game and led others to realize that they are winners too, then you’ve won.

May each of you win your share of prizes for 2014!