Work/Life Balance Brings Music to Our Ears

Our own Patty Galvez is one of the finest examples of someone who practices work life balance that I know. Patty works part time as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Dawson & Dawson. She consistently makes over 300 recruiting calls a week, reaching out to job seekers nationwide. She’s amazing! When she’s not at the office, Patty is spending quality time with her family. As a working Mother, one of the many benefits of work/life balance is being able to spend time encouraging and nurturing your children’s interests.

Patty’s daughter, Natalie expressed an interest in playing the piano when only 4 years old. She started piano lessons at the age of 5. Now at 7 years of age, Natalie practices daily and takes piano classes once a week at Yamaha. We are pleased to share Natalie’s musical talent as she plays “Fur Elise” during a recital at the Yamaha Music Center. Enjoy!