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Search & Staffing Solutions

We operate as a true Search & Staffing business partner that looks at the big picture, not just filling a job requisition. We collaborate with you to develop a very thorough hiring strategy that suits your unique hiring demands. The complexity of the search, level of the position and your own sense of urgency all play a role in selecting the services that will serve you best.

If you are seeking subject matter experts, degreed professionals, management or C-Suite team members who will help guide your company, Dawson & Dawson, Inc. has the experience and the expertise to recruit nationwide. We are committed to presenting quality candidates by qualifying people—not resumes. We select candidates for cultural fit as much as for skills and experience. We arrange interviews, share feedback, check references, negotiate salaries, and coordinate the entire on-boarding process.

It is absolutely free to review our candidates. You pay nothing unless you agree that our candidates are heads above every other person you have considered and decide to hire them.

Contract-to-Hire offers a flexible approach to hiring. This option provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s actual on-the job-performance for a set period of time. Once the contract period is complete you have the option to hire the contract candidate directly. This try before you buy service benefits the candidate as well. The candidate will experience your supervision and company culture before accepting a direct position with your company.
Whether you have an unexpected increase in business activity, need to fill a brief vacancy, or require candidates with specialized knowledge to complete a special project we can help bridge the gap with Temporary Employees. Dawson & Dawson, Inc. offers recruitment, evaluation, screening, interviewing and payroll services to meet your needs.
Contract and Temporary employees are paid weekly with an option for direct deposit. Dawson & Dawson, Inc. handles all the administration required for payroll processing including:
• Employment Verification
• State & Federal Unemployment Tax (SUTA & FUTA)
• Social Security Contribution & Medicare (FICA)
• Worker’s Compensation
• Liability Insurance
• Benefits
• Paid Time Off
Contract & Temporary Employees at Dawson & Dawson, Inc. are provided  vacation pay and offered access to group health insurance and 401K programs.

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