On Deck with Dawson & Dawson: Ron Brand, Partner at Kahana & Feld & Brian Selvan, Attorney at Walraven & Westerfeld LLP

Today’s special guests on our On Deck series features Ron S. Brand, a Partner with Kahana & Feld,LLP Employment Litigation Practice Group, and Brian Selvan, an Attorney and Mediator with Walraven & Westerfeld LLP. Ron provides legal guidance and representation to employers in all aspects of Labor and Employment Law. Brian has over twenty years of experience focusing on California Labor and Employment Law.  Kathy Dawson, CSP, CEO of Dawson & Dawson, Inc. spoke with Ron & Brian about Cal/OSHA’s ever changes related to COVID-19 emergency temporary standards and what the new changes will be in the workplace that you need to know.

Kahana & Feld LLP
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Walraven & Westerfeld LLP
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Email: bselvan@walravenlaw.com
Website: https://walravenlaw.com/

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