Communication Secrets for Business Success

We all understand the importance of great communication at work and we’ve most likely come in contact with all types of communicators.  In fact, we probably remember some stand out people who are great or not-so-great at it.  Have you ever wondered what makes some people better at it than others? Is it a natural born talent? Or can it be learned and improved?  Can you adjust your communication to make it better for everyone? Here are some tips to help you communicate better: Be sincere – Nothing is more effective than being sincere when you communicate, and nothing is more important. Being sincere is felt by the person you’re speaking with. You could say all the right words, but if it’s not sincere, your message will not have the impact you were looking for. Be consistent – Consistency will show that you are reliable and will build trust with others. Be Open-Minded – True communication often involves meeting others halfway. You should be learning from others, not just talking at them. It should be a two-way conversation. Truly Listen… read more →