Fireside Chat 1021: Liz Camaur, President & Founder/Camaur Cramption Family Law, PC

The inspirational Liz Camaur, President & Founder of Camaur Crampton Family Law, PC, joined us for a Fireside Chat with Kathy Dawson, CSP, CEO of Dawson & Dawson Inc. Camaur Crampton Family Law has been empowering clients with divorce, child custody and prenuptial agreement cases since 1994. They provide top notch litigators known for their courtroom skills and work in their client’s best interests to turn their family law problems into opportunities. Each case is strategized for their client’s goals. They can be reached at Divorce.Legal (no .com- it’s Divorce.Legal). Camaur Crampton Family Law, PC- Having the Right Attorney Makes the Difference. If you or someone you know is in need of a family law attorney, contact Liz Camaur today! Website: Phone: 949-234-8280 Email: If you are looking to hire employees for your business, contact us for a free consultation! We are here for you. #FamilyLaw #Divorce #Prenuptial #Attorney #ChildCustody