Dressing for Success

“You can do anything you want in life if you dress for it,” says Edith Head in her book ‘How to Dress for Success.’ Whether you are interviewing for a job or attending a networking event, making a memorable first impression is important, and dressing for success can help make that impression last.

Whether you realize it or not, your appearance impacts your career. When you’re at work, how you dress will say a great deal about you without saying a word. With that in mind, you always want to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Dressing appropriately is a way of expressing respect for the situation and the people in it. You want to keep your outfit conservative. For men, this means suit up! Wear a solid color, conservative suit with a solid color button down shirt and tie. For women, a solid color conservative suit with a coordinated blouse. Keep the jewelry, perfume and makeup to a minimum.

Attention to details is essential, so below are some tips for both men and women to ensure your success!

  • Cleaned and trimmed fingernails
  • Well-groomed hairstyle (preferably pulled back for women)
  • Minimal cologne or perfume
  • Minimal Jewelry
  • Clean and polished conservative dress shoes

Dressing for success helps to promote yourself as a hard worker who takes their job seriously. Having confidence in yourself and pride in your job are two of the simplest things you can do to excel yourself and your career. Dress for success and you will be sure to reap the benefits!