Fireside Chat 1007: Michelle Beauchamp, President/CEO of The Champ Group – Coach, Sales and Leadership Trainer

Fireside Chat with Michelle Beauchamp, The Champ Group

Kathy Dawson, Founder & CEO of Dawson, sits down with Michelle for a discussion about what her company “The Champ Group” offers.

It was my sincere pleasure getting to spend some time with Michelle Beauchamp, the President/CEO of The Champ Group. I have had the pleasure of knowing and using Michelle’s services for over 10 years. She has done a great job creating 3 new leadership programs that we can all learn from. A Membership program that includes learning and collaborating with others, a Leadership Program to Lead during Uncertain Times, and a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program. Enjoy the interview and reach out to her on her… You will thank me later.

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Take a look at our Fireside Chat Video: