Happy Thanksgiving 2023 from Team Dawson!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are thankful for the unwavering commitment each person brings to the Thanksgiving table. This season of gratitude brings the promise of a bright future ahead! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to share what our team is most grateful for this year! Happy Thanksgiving from our Team There is an abundance of gratitude in my heart this year. I have been privileged to have worked in the recruiting industry 40 years doing what I love. I am grateful for the ability to make choices that shape and enrich my life in a profound way. I am grateful for the people in my personal and work families, as well as my non-profit and networking circles. Those that you choose to surround yourself with become the most important people to your success. I am thankful for all the relationships we have built at Dawson & Dawson. We would not be here without you. – Kathy Dawson, CEO | Dawson & Dawson I am thankful for our family’s good health and positive & happy outlook on daily living.… read more →