Tips, Trends & Takeaways | Kathy Dawson on Gratitude

Welcome to our New Blog. We hope to bring you content that will inspire you and provide up to date information about our business, PEOPLE and JOBS! Our first topic is in honor of World Gratitude Day. Who better to interview than our very own Kathy Dawson. Kathy is Founder and President of Dawson & Dawson. She is our fearless leader, matchmaker, resident “Positive” influencer and best of all, she lives each day filled with Gratitude for all she has, including the team at D&D, her Clients and Everyone in her network. Most refer to her as “Awesome Dawson” and we couldn’t agree more! Here are the takeaways from our interview with Kathy where she shares her tips about how to spread gratitude within her organization and yours. Gratitude in the Workplace As a women owned business owner, I had the opportunity and privilege to build our culture from the ground up.  One element that has proven to be incredibly transformative, positive, and empowering is the practice of building a culture of gratitude. As someone who was raised with gratitude,… read more →