Tips, Trends & Takeaways | Kathy Dawson on Gratitude

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Our first topic is in honor of World Gratitude Day. Who better to interview than our very own Kathy Dawson. Kathy is Founder and President of Dawson & Dawson. She is our fearless leader, matchmaker, resident “Positive” influencer and best of all, she lives each day filled with Gratitude for all she has, including the team at D&D, her Clients and Everyone in her network. Most refer to her as “Awesome Dawson” and we couldn’t agree more!

Here are the takeaways from our interview with Kathy where she shares her tips about how to spread gratitude within her organization and yours.

Gratitude in the Workplace

Kathy Dawson, President & Founder
Dawson & Dawson National Search & Staffing

As a women owned business owner, I had the opportunity and privilege to build our culture from the ground up.  One element that has proven to be incredibly transformative, positive, and empowering is the practice of building a culture of gratitude. As someone who was raised with gratitude, I have seen the impact it has on others. Gratitude has the power to uplift spirits, enhance productivity, and strengthen the bonds within a team. Practicing gratitude can change people’s perspectives. Every Monday, I hear my husband discuss how he is grateful for Mondays, and with this mindset he has been able to enjoy working on Mondays. In celebration of World Gratitude Day, I’d like to share insights that I have learned along way about how gratitude can be seamlessly integrated into your company culture.

Tip 1: Recognizing Employees

Recognition is a cornerstone of gratitude. Acknowledging and appreciating the hard work and dedication of our employees is fundamental to building a culture of gratitude within our organization. It’s about more than just saying “thank you” – it’s about recognizing specific achievements, milestones, and efforts.

To implement this in our workplace, we’ve established regular recognition programs. As a company that is a fully remote workforce, we recognize employees in our weekly meetings. We share wins for the week, team shout outs, thank yous, and a lessons learned section so we can all learn from each other.  

Tip 2: Communication with Employees

Effective communication is the bedrock of any successful organization. It’s not only about transmitting information but also about actively listening and understanding the needs, concerns, and ideas of our team members. Gratitude is demonstrated when we give employees a platform to voice their thoughts and opinions, and we genuinely listen to what they have to say.

Regularly scheduled feedback sessions, one-on-one meetings, and open-door policies can facilitate this communication. Moreover, seeking input from our employees fosters a culture of gratitude and inclusivity within our organization.

Tip 3: Finding Employee Motivation

Understanding what motivates each employee on an individual level is a crucial aspect of cultivating a culture of gratitude. People have diverse aspirations, and tailoring our approach to meet their unique needs demonstrates that we value and appreciate them as individuals. From my experience, some of these things that they may value could be hours in the day where they have more freedom to work at their own pace and time. This has been such a fundamental motivator for employees in our work from home environment.

Engage in conversations to discern their goals, career aspirations, and personal ambitions. Offer opportunities for growth and development that align with their aspirations, and acknowledge their progress and achievements along the way. When employees see that we are invested in their success and growth, they feel a sense of gratitude towards the organization, which in turn fosters loyalty and dedication.

In conclusion, embracing gratitude within our workplace is not just about observing a specific day, but rather about making it an integral part of our organizational DNA. By recognizing our employees, actively communicating and listening, and understanding and nurturing their motivations, we can create a workplace where gratitude flourishes, leading to a more engaged, motivated, and ultimately successful team.