Celebrating Kathy Dawson’s 40 Year Milestone!

Kathy Dawson has reached a remarkable milestone of four decades in the field of recruiting. During these 40 years she has witnessed many changes in the job market and has embraced innovation shifting her strategy to adapt to the digital age we are currently in. Her passion for people and making a difference is what continues to drive her today.

Because of her hard work and dedication over these past 40 years, we wanted to surprise Kathy by hearing what her close friends, mentors, business partners, and colleagues had to say about her achievements! The affirmations and recognitions she received recently has been humbling for her and reinforces her belief in the transformative power of meaningful connections. She’s extremely grateful to all those who took time to participate and overwhelmed by the love and support she’s received. Check out Kathy’s video to hear personal thank you.


“Over four decades in the search and staffing industry, I’ve come to understand that success lies in connecting the right talent with the right opportunity. It’s about building relationships, understanding, and fostering growth for both individuals and organizations. This journey has taught me the significance of adaptability and stay ensuring our approach remains effective and relevant.”

Now let’s hear what everyone had to say!

KATHY’S SURPRISE: Words of Affirmation and Congratulations

“Kathy’s nurturing leadership creates a family-like atmosphere at Dawson & Dawson, enriching the lives of employees and making every client feel like part of the family too.”

Mary Lyn Baker, President | DH Casters

“Kathy is a key part of our business and growth process. We trust her not only to find the right fit for our team, but also always be looking for opportunities for us to grow. She is the best match maker in the business.”

Alison Gokal, Trust Litigations and Probations Attorney | Gokal Law Group, Inc

LinkedIn Post | Mary Lyn Baker & Alison Gokal

“Congratulations Kathy on an amazing career and business in the recruiting and staff industry. I have you to thank for plucking me out of the universe and helping me secure a position that I love with the 10KSB Program! Thank you for giving so much of yourself to your clients and for giving back to the community. You are simply put—The Very Best! Thank you and Congratulations on 40 Years!”

Cheryl Melendez, Associate Director | Goldman Sachs

“Kathy “Awesome Dawson” is everywhere with a smile on her face and a camera in her hand, always promoting others and bringing her unstoppable energy to events. She has found work for some of my friends and always goes the extra mile for job candidates.”

Anabella Bonfa, Attorney | Wellman & Warren, LLP

LinkedIn Post | Cheryl Melendez & Anabella Bonfa

“A networking extraordinaire, a contagious smile, gracious, a tireless worker, and a master at her craft…congratulations Kathy, you are a joy to work with”

John Parker, President | Visioneering Studios

“I’ve known Kathy for many years, and she is as complex as they come. Sunny on the outside, but very deep, like an onion with many layers. I have found her to be very thoughtful and considerate, it’s like she really sees people. That is what makes her such a great recruiter, and a great friend.”

Kelly Moore, Senior Client Executive | OneDigital

LinkedIn Post | John Parker & Kelly Moore

“Kathy is the life of the party, master networker, and all around wonderful and caring person. Her friends, family, and clients are blessed by her presence.”

Paula Clarkson, Estate Planning Partner | Merhab Robinson & Clarkson, A Law Corp

“I am lucky to call you my friend and have so much respect for all the good you do in this world. Not only do you provide people with jobs to support themselves and their families, but you volunteer your time to help those in need, who are less fortunate, and who need some encouragement. You have built an amazing business with employees who are loyal to you and your leadership is outstanding – we need more of you in this world! I love that you are a part of my life.”

Rosemaria Altieri, Managing Director of HR | Acra Lending

“Kathy has a “sixth sense” for recruiting. It is in her DNA. She has a deep understanding of who we are and what we are looking for from both a cultural fit and capability perspective. She has “nailed” every one of our searches. By way of example, we hired a temp 9 years ago–who is still with us today and is a vital part of our organization.”

Stephen Perry, Managing Director | Jane’s Capital Partners

“Kathy has been an inspiration to me and a dear, dear friend both professionally and personally. She is super generous with her time and talent as well as positivity and laughter. I think Kathy has figured out how to add 10 more hours to each day, otherwise, I am just not sure how she can possibly accomplish all the wonderful things she does for her clients, teammates, networking associates, friends, and family. Congratulations on 40 years of making a difference in so many lives! Love you, Kathy!”

Cathy Solomon, Business Development | Plantlife Natural Body Care

“Kathy is a super positive person and showed this while she was President of NAWBO-OC. I was on her board and we had a ball that year. Kathy is an industry expert in staffing and gets the best candidates for everyone she serves. I am truly blessed to count her as a friend!”

Dee Elliot, President | DEC Strategic Mentoring   

“Kathy radiates such happiness and joy it uplifts everyone around her. Her wide smile and boundless enthusiasm are irresistible and wonderful to experience.”

Richard Usher, Owner & Attorney | Furman Usher, Inc.

LinkedIn Post | Dee Elliott, Stephen Perry, Paula Clarkson, Rosemaria Altieri, Richard Usher, & Cathy Solomon

“Inspiring, built and continuing building her Queendom, high energy, warm and oh so knowledgeable, a gem in her field”

Valerie Dufix, Principal | Diamant Carre Capital Group

“Although Kathy has only been in my life for a few years, she feels like one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is so incredibly warm, funny and supportive, never missing the opportunity to bring others up around her. She truly is Awesome Dawson. x”

Viki Johnston, Founder | Exelorate, LLC

“Congratulations Kathy Dawson! What a fantastic professional milestone of 40 years!!! I’m so glad our career paths crossed many years ago. Your personal strengths, work ethics, skills, & positive attitude drove you to take the chance to start your company. I hope you feel proud today in celebrating every bit of the success that you’ve earned! Well done my friend.”

Sharon Jordan, Retired Consultant & Advisor | Pacific Region

“Congratulations Kathy on 40 years of excellence. Kathy, people are automatically drawn to you because you exude such positive, happy energy at all times. You are open, warm, and welcoming, best of all you’re the best recruiter I know of. Thank you for my assistant! She’s awesome! I’m so glad we met and have become friends. Congratulations again.”

Cindy Williams, President | CalWork Safety & HR, LLC

“How can the company be 40 years old when the founder is only 49? Its because of Awesome Dawson…. The driven, resourceful, and remarkable resource for thousands of people and hundreds of America’s best employers! What a Rock Star! Kathy and Larry and the Team have built a powerhouse company which changes lives everyday! Here’s to 40 more awesome Dawson years. Kathy’s a NO Nonsense business leader with a most remarkable network. Her team drives success for hundreds of companies and has built a golden reputation over these past 4 Decades. Here’s to 40 more. Business coach to rock stars in business.”

Patty DeDominic, CEO | DeDominic & Associates, Inc.

“I love Kathy, there are not many people in this world who have such a kind heart to help people. She brings laughter to any room she is in and is so encouraging to other professionals in her network. My life is blessed with her in it as a colleague and as a friend.

Suzanne Leslie, Attorney/Owner | Allen Flat Balladis & Leslie, Law

Kathy is sunshine. Her warm welcoming style builds community and joy. She is one of the few people I know who is always laughing! A big congrats on 40 years of serving her clients and community!”

Shahrzad Nooravi, Organizational Psychologist | Strategy Meets Performance

“One of my joys of Provisors is having had the opportunity to meet, get to know, work with and engage with Kathy Dawson. She is a consummate professional in her business. But more importantly, she is a wonderful person who keeps the interests of others front of mind, both personally and professionally. I now realize Kathy, with this anniversary, you probably started in this business as a young child, probably recruiting schoolmates for sales at the local lemonade stand, but your longevity of success is all about how you care.”

Harold Weitzberg, CEO | Weitzberg Consulting

LinkedIn Post | Suzanne Leslie, Patty DeDominic, Shahrzad Nooravi, Harold Weitzberg, Cindy Williams, Valerie Dufix, Viki Johnston

“Kathy Dawson is a force of nature and she knows the staffing and recruiting industry inside out! At Kathy’s core is her ability to want to see people do well, find meaningful careers, and be able to live a fulfilled life. She does the work for so much more than money. It’s in her DNA and she and the Dawson & Dawson Team go far and above what is typically provided by other staffing firms. Kathy is generous, caring, and very knowledge and skilled and a true industry leader. Happy 40th Anniversary, Kathy, Larry, and Team!”

Cindy Goss, President | Propel Business Solution, Inc.

“Kathy Dawson truly is Awesome Dawson! What a tremendous milestone. For those of us who know Kathy, we are not surprised at the success of Dawson Dawson. Her integrity, energy, and belief in others are unmatched. Her smile generates warmth, joy, love, and laughter. I’m so grateful that I’ve been privileged to know her, spend time with her, and benefit from her intelligence and outstanding presence. On a personal note, she even hired my son when he was in college and need of a job. Congratulations to Kathy! You deserve each moment of joy and love!”

Michelle Beauchamp, CEO | The Champ Group

“Kathy has been such a great supporter and champion of my firm for years, and she has found us some terrific employees. I love her work excellence, her energy and her relentless pursuit of finding the right match between employer and employee. Congratulations to Kathy on her 40-year career journey.”

Marie DiSante, Firm Managing Partner | CDF Labor Law, LLP

“Kathy is the most inspiring trailblazer that I have ever known. Her positivity and incredible smile lightens a room the minute she walks in the door! I am blessed to have Kathy in my life as a friend and true mentor. Cheers to your 40 years Kathy! You’ve made a difference to my life and my business in so many ways.”

Michele Davidson, CEO | FTS Lightning Services, Inc.

“When you first meet Kathy, her smile is so welcoming. Then upon speaking to her you realize that Kathy is one smart, professional woman who knows her business. Besides her professionalism, she is very family oriented. I have used Kathy in searches for my business and now am fortunate enough to call her ‘friend’. Lucky me!!”

Jan Steiner, Mentor, Visionary, Connector | MAKE DUST

LinkedIn Post | Cindy Goss, Marie DiSante, Jan Steiner, Michelle Beauchamp, Michele Davidson

‘Bringing life and energy to a room is Kathy’s superpower. Her personality lends to positive vibes with everyone she connects with. It is infectious, which makes her a great leader.’

Gary Johnson, CEO | J2 Marketing Consultants

“Kathy – you are a vibrant and inspirational leader. As a fellow woman business owner you have always championed me and been an inspiration to me. Your warmth and humor light up the room, and people are gravitated to you and want to be around you. Thank you for brightening our lives.”

Miranda McCroskey, Founder and Leader Attorney | Unlock Legal

“Kathy is a wrangler of all fun people to fun places and fun things to do. Her energy, Her smile, Her genuine kindness and sense of humor just hypnotizes you into RSVP’ing YES!”

Eric Erenstoft, CEO | E3 Capital Partners

“Kathy you are the master connector, always ready and willing to solve problems and generate business for others through your super powerful internal rolodex! So very grateful for how you are always giving and ready to help anyone in need!”

Aashi Arora, Principal | iRISE Executive Coaching

“Since joining ProVisors, I have learned that you can judge a person based on the number of testimonials and thank-yous someone gives and receives. Kathy is the Queen of both! I am glad I have gotten to know Kathy and look forward to the time I can thank her for helping my daughter (if she ever reaches out!). I can refer to Kathy with confidence as I see at every meeting how dedicated and helpful she is. Congratulations on 40 years recruiting!”

Dennis Gibbs, Senior VP | Middle Market Banking

LinkedIn Post | Miranda McCroskey, Denis Gibbs, Gary Johnson, Aashi Arora, Eric Erenstoft

“Daily increasing awesomeness.”

George Salmas, Managing Principal | The Food Lawyers


Jennifer Purzycki, Broker Associate | Purzycki White Real Estate Team

“Hi Kathy. Congratulations on 40 years in the business! “Awesome“ doesn’t even begin to describe how great you are! Congratulations and best wishes.”

Norman Rodich, Partner | Palmieri, Tyler, Wiener, Willhelm & Waldron, LLP

“Kathy Dawson is a name synonymous with heart. Personally and professionally, I’ve never known a kinder person. Thanks, Kathy.”

Paul D. Kramer, Owner | Law Office of Paul D. Kramer

“Kathy is more than a ball of fire, more than a sparkling light when entering a room, in fact, she is a supernova of energy, good cheer, witty banter, and professional acumen that attracts all living things. It has been pleasure to know her and learn from her, while admiring her ability to instantly change the temperature and people’s moods. Congratulations on this milestone – I look forward to many many more years of memories!”

Richard Wang, Partner-Broker | Veridian Mortgage, LLC

LinkedIn Post | Richard Wang, Paul D. Kramer, Norman Rodich, George Salmas, Jennifer Purzycki

“This month marks four decades, not just of a profession, but of a calling, where few stand as luminescent beacons in the professional realm as Kathy Dawson. Four decades in any profession is a testament to dedication, but in a profession that requires as much heart as it does skill, it speaks volumes about the kind of person she truly is. Every interaction Kathy has graced has been punctuated with a vitality that is rare, illuminating even the most mundane encounters with light and enthusiasm. It’s this spirit that has made her more than a recruiter; she’s been a mentor, a guide, and for many, a beacon of hope. Time, the one currency that we can never get back, she gives away willingly. Not for accolades or recognition, but for the sheer joy of seeing another individual prosper. Her buoyancy has been a stabilizing force for many, guiding them not just to a job, but to a path where their passions align with their purpose. As we celebrate Kathy’s incredible journey, we’re reminded of the many lives she’s touched, the careers she’s shaped, and the indelible mark she’s left on each of us. Here’s to a lady who’s not just spent 40 years recruiting talent, but inspiring and uplifting every soul she’s encountered along the way. Cheers to Kathy Dawson’s legacy and to the many more she’s yet to influence!”

Anita Nygaard, President | CORHR, Inc. 

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Cedric Campbell, Principal Owner | Equity 123

Tim Santoni, President | Santoni Investigations

Antoinette Naddour, Executive Director/Co-Founder | Veterans Legal Institute

Gina Brehmer, Director of Marketing & Client Experience | Dawson & Dawson, Inc.