Celebrating Kathy Dawson’s 40 Year Milestone!

Kathy Dawson has reached a remarkable milestone of four decades in the field of recruiting. During these 40 years she has witnessed many changes in the job market and has embraced innovation shifting her strategy to adapt to the digital age we are currently in. Her passion for people and making a difference is what continues to drive her today. Because of her hard work and dedication over these past 40 years, we wanted to surprise Kathy by hearing what her close friends, mentors, business partners, and colleagues had to say about her achievements! The affirmations and recognitions she received recently has been humbling for her and reinforces her belief in the transformative power of meaningful connections. She’s extremely grateful to all those who took time to participate and overwhelmed by the love and support she’s received. Check out Kathy’s video to hear personal thank you. KATHY’S GRATEFUL RESPONSE “Over four decades in the search and staffing industry, I’ve come to understand that success lies in connecting the right talent with the right opportunity. It’s about building relationships, understanding, and… read more →