Effectively using LinkedIn for Job Searching

With over 3 million active job listings, LinkedIn is definitely one social media site that serious job seekers need to consider joining and actively participating. Currently over 107 million American Professionals use LinkedIn to network, discuss business trends, and recruit people to join their team. LinkedIn provides one of the largest opportunities to market yourself and expand your personal and professional network.

Begin with Your Profile

94% of all recruiters will review your LinkedIn profile before making a decision to contact you. You don’t want a potential employer to see an outdated or stale profile. Your profile should be a robust reflection of your professional life and career aspirations. So, it’s important to spend time on it.

  • Complete the entire profile, the more information the better. A completed profile is 40x more likely to receive job opportunities. Include major accomplishments, job samples, education, skills, honors and any other professional achievements you would include on a résumé or in an interview.
  • Don’t skip the photo! Profiles with photos are 14x more likely to be viewed than those without. Use a photo of you in business attire appropriate for your profession.
  • All your communications and language on LinkedIn should be business appropriate. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say in an interview or a business meeting.
  • Review  Linked Tips for creating a profile that brings your professional story to life.

Get Connected

The average CEO on LinkedIn has 930 connections. The average Recruiter has 616 connections. These are potential employers and/or influencers that may help you throughout your career.

  • Start making connections as soon as your profile is complete. Import your address book to add people you know. Connect to friends, family, alumni and both past and present colleagues and supervisors.
  • When making a new connection, remind the individual of how you know each other. Make your invitation to connect warm and personable. Don’t use the generic sample text.
  • Request recommendations from your previous supervisors and co-workers and customers. Their praise is credible and will impress viewers of your profile. It’s best to ask in person professionally before sending the generic form.
  • Return the favor. Write recommendations for people that you know well and can genuinely recommend. Believe it or not your kind words towards others tells volumes about you, too.

Jobs Search

Based on your profile LinkedIn will suggest open job positions that align with your skills and interests. You can also perform regular job searches based on titles or categories.

  • Respond to job ads that interest you
  • Connect with the hiring managers/recruiters with the open positions
  • Identify hiring managers at your target companies. Review their profiles including their recommendations, professional associations and groups.

Do Your Research – The more you know, the more your network will grow!

LinkedIn provides information and connections that are vital to a job search and interview preparations.

  • Search for companies and industries where you would like to work
  • Review the Company pages and updates to learn about their culture and what they value. Discover their recruiting and hiring process
  • Follow the companies and industries that you are interested in
  • Join similar groups and participate in discussions relevant to your expertise
  • Discover and participate in related networking events
  • Review competitors in the industry and understand how your skills transfer within the industry.
  • Review job postings within the industry to plot a career path.

When used effectively LinkedIn can be one of your most valuable resources for career search and development.  Stay connected and be ready to discover the profession that’s calling you.