6 Ways to Get Noticed at Work

You want to be noticed and take control of your career. You want your supervisor to recognize the merit of your work and overall contributions. However, you don’t need to fluff your feathers to get noticed in today’s workplace. Advancing your career today is less about you and more about others.

Getting noticed requires seeing the big picture and an ability to connect the dots to create an impact. It requires teamwork that unites, empowers and inspires others for the betterment of a healthier whole. It’s about having each other’s backs and everyone’s best interests at heart.

“The great difference between the recognized man and the respected man is the difference of the head and heart. The recognized man appeals to the head where things are easily forgotten. The respected man captivates the heart. And the heart does not forget.” Glenn Llopis, Earning Serendipity: 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work


Employees need to have better balance between the head and the heart. It’s not just about your ability to be “a mover”or “a shaker” to get noticed. You want to use your unique qualities to lift and lead those around you so they can better themselves and discover their full potential. Don’t try to be the main attraction, instead help others onto the stage.

1.  Be a Silent Influencer

There are two types of people that are quickly noticed: the boisterous\noisy and the quiet observers. The loud and disorganized people readily stand out at first. However, people are most curious about the quiet almost silent influencers. A silent influencer is confident and they only speak often enough to make their voice heard. They have an executive presence yet don’t flaunt their successes. Being a silent influencer is a great way to get noticed. You’ll keep people wondering what you’re up to and curious about getting into your circle.

2.  Do More Than Your Job Description

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to help others beyond your core responsibilities. Approach each situation with a big picture view. Employees that get noticed quickly have mastered the ability to add value to the workplace and are continuously finding ways to expand their circle of influence. Helping others do their job is an effective way to expand your circle of influence.

3.  Help Others Succeed

When people witness your genuine desire to help your co-worker succeed, you will immediately get noticed. Helping others succeed is a sign of self-confidence, self-trust, teamwork and collaborative leadership. The more opportunities you create for others, the more the door will open for you. This is why networking and aligning yourself with the right people is so important throughout your career.

Mentoring is an effective way to help someone, but it is not the only way. Another great way to get noticed is to build strong working relationships with co-workers where you are sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm. However, you don’t want to come off as a know-it-all. Be open to learning from others, as well. Your intentions for helping others should be genuine and true. You want to build trusting mutually rewarding relationships where everyone wins.

4. Skip the Politics

Stay away from the politics. Stay far away from the hushed drama ridden conversations; you don’t want to be associated with the drama or negative influencers. It doesn’t hurt to be aware but it’s a big mistake to get involved in the company politics. Don’t run the risk of creating a negative image for yourself. Keep yourself and your co-workers focused on growth, innovation and positive efforts.

5.  Constructive Change

It’s healthy to challenge the old ways of doing things. As long as you do it with the intention of making things better, creating new ways of generating results and improving everyone’s performance. Suggesting constructive change is being mindful enough to challenge the status quo respectfully. You will get noticed because you are being courageous enough to “shake things up” and test new ways of helping the organization grow and compete.

6.  Be Yourself

When you can be your most authentic self, you are able to deliver your full potential at work every day. It allows you to do steps 1-5 seamlessly and enjoy your work. When you are having fun, you give permission for others to have fun too. Your energy becomes contagious; your leadership and work ethic become valued and respected.

The trick to getting noticed is to know how you best fit within the organization and to trust yourself enough to go for it! You don’t need to be perfect – you just need to be really good consistently.