Leadership – Do it the Dawson Way!

Congratulations you made it to 2014! There’s optimism in the air. Most of our clients and candidates are excited to see what all the ‘BUZZ’ is about. We are very fortunate to live in Southern California where the economy is growing nicely. I recently attended a meeting where the speaker was Dr. Esmael Adibi, Professor, Director, and Economist for Chapman University. He said things are looking much better and pointed to two important indicators: job growth (unemployment is down to 5.2%) and housing (we’re building again). If you’re wondering how to manage and promote the upturn, my answer would be: become the best leader you can.

Here are some great ways to be a leader in your work and personal relationships.

1. Take Responsibility: Show your contacts that you are enthusiastic about taking responsibility for helping them. Let them know that they can rely on you.

2. Communicate Clearly: Since you are leading the charge in your business or personal life, be sure you let people know what is expected. Set deadlines, follow up, and help others achieve and even surpass the expectations.

3. Collaborate: Encouraging input from others allows us to achieve greater results together. Work diligently on nurturing key partners and utilizing their talents.

4. Reward Activities: Recognition goes a long way. When you compliment a person, you establish a mutual trust and a working relationship that encourages success.

5. Maintain a Positive Outlook: When you lead the team, YOU need to be the cheerleader. Your chants are: “We can do it. We will figure it out.” In the face of challenges, don’t accept an “it can’t be done” attitude. Instead, encourage team members to look for ways it CAN be done!

My 2014 mantra is the 3 P’s: Pause – Think before you speak. Presence – Be there in person. NO DEVICES! Party – Celebrate the team’s successes along the way.

We are all leaders in one area or another. Let’s step up our participation in the economy by leading others to greatness this year! Here’s to an amazing 2014 for you and your team!